Vincent Salerno Bio PhotoVincent Salerno is a Brooklyn born artist trying… attempting… to approach life and art with honesty – simplicity – and – humor.

Vincent Salerno earned his BFA in Illustration from NYC’s The School of Visual Arts, while living in the East Village in the 90’s.

His artwork does express an abstract way of interpreting what might be mistaken for something else… while his non-traditional approach to painting is at odds with masters of fine art… but then again his work isn’t representative of technique – instead style – feeling – emotion – and self identification… along with sexuality and self discovery… political carnage and social compromise… all undertones evident throughout the evolution of his artwork… and himself.

He uses a variety of materials from newsprint and ink to pencil and acrylic paints, and even sandpaper… yes he destroys his artwork for a desired look… and then all collaged & pieced together.

Vincent makes no apologies for his controversial pieces… integrating an unorthodox approach to basically what really is the fabric of society… all out there to see… so no need to be offended. It is all there layered among textures, utilizing typography, concept integration, and figurative language.

Vincent Salerno by chance has worked with some of today’s most cutting edge creative minds – and has since adopted common methods from his time living in NY to evoke emotion, stir debate, or just provoke that element of thinking… all with mixed media and recycled material.

Vincent lives and works in Brooklyn with his life partner, and thanks you for taking the time to read this and look at his art.